Juel Ulven

Obituary – still needing one, passed away on August 19, 2022

Article that features Juel Ulven from 2001

Website of Fox Valley Folk Music & Storytelling Festival – that he dedicated so much

Article that shows Juel Ulven part of Fox Valley since 1976

Cap’s Off to You Blog Post – posted August 21, 2022

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I found it touching that while I had a hard time finding a video of Juel performing, I did find a different artist who was helped by Juel Ulven. This artist wished to find the first song in Carl Sandburg’s “The American Songbag” published in 1927 called “He’s Gone Away.” The artist said in the video description, “I ran across a reference to this book and was poised to order one from Amazon when I asked Juel Ulven if he had a copy. He answered “Several” and offered me one which I gladly accepted.”

The second video gives some flavor to what Juel dedicated so much in leading a wonderful festival. Now, the volunteers of today and those of the tomorrows can honor him forever. What a fitting image that the 2015 Fox Valley Festival shows a banjo.