Story Artist & Facilitator – Jeff Gere

Specialty: Ghost Stories & Participation Tales

Jeff Gere will be teaching as part of our All Things Story virtual workshop series with “Participation Storytelling on Zoom & In-Person” on Monday, September 6, 2021 (Labor Day in U.S.) from 9:00am-10:30am MDT (UTC -6). Click here to register.

Jeff Gere blends talents as painter, puppeteer, and mime into performances which have electrified audiences in Hawaii for 30 years. Jeff’s physical energy, morphing elastic face and voice characterizations make his shows events. Jeff becomes his stories! Born on Halloween, Jeff performs constantly. He produced/hosted/ told in the Talk Story Festival, Hawaii’s biggest storytelling celebration (26 years!), Story TV (monthly, 23 years), Talk Story Radio (2 years, weekly shows), story camps & conferences. He taught Storytelling at UH Manoa (Spring, ’17 &’21). He performed at the National Storytelling Festival (2010, Residency 2013) and Spain, Hong Kong, Turkey, Vancouver & the Yukon. Jeff retired from Oahu Parks Dept to end 2014 and began international tours (Thailand, China, India, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Java, Romania & Kenya! In covid times, he has become active producing events and performing on zoom. ( See tons of him on YouTube.