Homeschooling Students/Teachers

KwaZulu-Natal-South Africa by Steve Evans

Story Crossroads offers a special invite to any Homeschooling student, group, and co-op.

We want to see you on stage and not only as audience members. Coming to the Story Crossroads Festival gives a feel for the possibilities. Performing on stage is a feeling like no other.

Homeschooling (more details on each of the three below):

  1. The Listening Side, field trips to the Story Crossroads Festival
  2. The Teaching Side, free lesson plans and materials to teach 6+ hours of storytelling that can merge with any of your established curriculum
  3. The Performing Side, open call to youth (K-12th grade) who would like a feed-in opportunity the same as the public schools and events that already have district-level ones in place

Homeschooling … The Listening Side

Homeschooling Field Trips—

What:  Story Crossroads Festival, featuring 15 professional multicultural story artists and 40 community tellers, see full schedule here:

Invited:   K-12th Grade (3 Pavilions per session time, divided by range of grades, all Pavilions have American Sign Language while one is the Multi-Lingual Pavilion and involves Spanish)

When:  Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at these no-repeat morning sessions—9:30am, 10:30am, and/or 11:30am as well as 6:00pm, 7:00pm, and 8:00pm storytelling concerts

Where:  Murray City Park, 495 E. 5300 S., Murray, UT – Pavilion(s) for field trip attendees when confirmed

Cost:  $1.00/student or accompanying adult, then special program will be given to allow the student to return with their family for free during the three Wednesday evening concerts at the South Jordan Community Center starting at 5:00pm

Info/Reservations:, reserve by emailing or calling 801-870-5799

Early Reservation Option:  A simple online form ( completed to share basic information such as the name of your homeschooling group/co-op, a field trip coordinator name, the number of spots to reserve, grade(s) involved, and any preferences including option of interactive/hands-on session(s)

Homeschooling … The Teaching Side

Please use or adapt anything here. A more complete version of these free materials can be found by clicking here.

Free Lesson Plans

These following six 1-hour lesson plans were created by the following professional story artists:  Lynn Wing, Karl Behling, and Janine Nishiguchi.  An ideal storytelling residency lasts 8 or more hours.  These six hours plus two hours of people practicing stories and being coached would develop stage-ready individuals.  Please give these people credit when using these lesson plans or the sources cited.

Module One:  Finding Your Story

Module One-Finding Your Story, Lesson One-Finding Existing Stories

Module One-Finding Your Story, Lesson Two-Finding Personal Stories

Module Two:  The Teller–Role, Habits, Skills

Module Two-The Teller, Lesson One-Preparation

Module Two-The Teller, Lesson Two-Responsibilities

Module Three:  Polished Performance

Module Three-Polished Performance, Lesson One-Body & Voice

Module Three-Polished Performance, Lesson Two-Imagination & Adaptability

Approved Books for Lesson Plans

Using any of these books already have been reviewed and approved for Story Crossroads storytelling residencies:

  • Youth Tell: Starting a Youth Storytelling Festival by Nannette Watts
  • Raising Voices: Creating Youth Storytelling Groups and Troupes by Judy Sima and Kevin Cordi

Both of these books are easily applicable to any age or group who wants to learn the art of storytelling.  Email if you would like help ordering any of these books.

Homeschooling … The Performing Side

Story Crossroads invites K-12 students from home schools to apply to tell stories for the Story Crossroads Festival on May 13, 2020 with 33 youth spots available. Due by April 1st each year.

Download this pdf or see information below:

Inviting Youth Tellers to the Story Crossroads Festival

You can also see more details here.