You are the inspiration of society.  Now you want to develop creative minds that not only surpass in skills of the common core  but also can problem solve through ingenious solutions.  Sounds like storytelling will be the perfect fit.

Connect with Story Crossroads to see about student opportunities on a virtual or even a geographic level is you are based in Utah. In Salt Lake County, each school district has a liaison with Story Crossroads and you can find out your liaison by emailing

Storytelling and Language Arts?  The art is almost too obvious there.

Storytelling and Social Studies?  Those significant moments of history naturally have people’s stories stamped all over them.

Storytelling and Science?  Did you ever notice that the Scientific Method is almost exactly the way to work out a narrative?  That does not even list all the scientific discoveries full of intrigue, conflict, and the occasional happy endings.

Storytelling and Math?  Whoever invented math problems craved for stories in that subject.

If you ever wanted a list of 17 things that storytelling does in the classroom, then we have that one-page position statement for you from the Youth, Educators, and Storytellers Alliance of the National Storytelling Network.  Click here for Position Statement–Importance of Storytelling in Education.

Check out the “Find Lesson Plans & Approved Books For Teaching Story” for six 1-hour lesson plans as well as many other resources.

We have materials that directly connect to our already-streamed Story Crossroads Spectacular. Then explore “The Big Why Panel: Storytelling meets Humanities” with the following panelists: Dr. Caroliese Frink Reed, Sheila Arnold (portraying Oney Judge, maidservant of Martha Washington), Darci Tucker (portraying Elizabeth Thompson, loyalist spy), and Brian “Fox” Ellis (portraying Billy Herndon, law partner of Abraham Lincoln).

What Educators Say About Us

There was a lot of useful information that I could use right away.

Harvey Heilbrun
– teacher in New York

It was great! It made for a really unique “field trip” for my students and the variety of stories and presenters was wonderful.

Sierra Schoen
– teacher in Utah

I enjoyed any time that children told stories. It was inspiring to see such young story tellers to know that we are continuing the joy of story telling.

Jeremy Rogers
– Education major studying in Utah