Story Artist-David Bullock

Specialty:  Mine Camp Stories & Radio Host

David Bullock is a retired Hard Rock Miner the same as his father and grandfather.  He was the co-host of the radio show “The Story Mine” along with his wife, Cathy Barker, found on KPCW radio 91.9 FM.  

He claims to have captured the illusive Tommyknocker, been haunted by ghosts. Claims to have been a miner, a trapper, a famous bear hunter………He even admits to having shot the most prized Bull in all of the stat of Utah. One things for sure, he can sure shoot the bull.  Raised in the mine camps of Utah, David Bullock is a third generation Hard Rock Miner. Camped high in the rugged mountains, after a hard days work in the mines, young Dave and other miners would entertain each other by sitting around the camp fire telling stories.

Raised on Venison and Dreams, his lifelong quest to discover gold and silver has made it only natural that he would have a vivid imagination and propensity towards telling stories. He tells the best of them.  The Heir of Legends, or Legendheir as many call him has performed for over thirty years at venues such as; The Timpanogos, Rocky Mountain, Weber, and Westminster Storytelling Festivals. David was also a featured teller at “the Storytelling Rendezvous” and “Old West” festivals in Wyoming. Toastmasters International voted him as one of the biggest Tall Tellers in a 5 State region known as District 15.