Virtual Storytelling

Bring storytelling to your computer.

Besides Story Crossroads virtual events, check out recommended professional storytellers who offer virtual classroom and school visits at the bottom. Explore websites, blogs, and Facebook groups that provide virtual opportunities.

Virtual Opportunities Coming Up by Story Crossroads

Virtual Storytelling by Story Crossroads, Links to Watch

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Click here to see our Contingency Plans-COVID-19.

See archived Utah Storytelling Events Email List that has been adapted as Virtual & Limited-Sized/Proper-Distanced here.

What about Virtual Classroom or School Visits?

We know many professional storytellers who can work through Google, Zoom, or many other platforms to have a customized and almost-live experience of storytelling.

We recommend

Baba the Storyteller:

Robin Bady:

Click here for Lifetime Arts’ Roster Teaching Artist blog post

Yasu Ishida:

See video promo on his work by clicking here.

Donna Washington:

We can consult with you on other storytellers and possibilities. Email

What about Websites, Blogs, and Facebook Groups with Virtual Storytelling?

Certain groups met the need of virtual performances of storytelling as well as workshops.  Here are some of our favorites.

Artists Standing Strong Together – Facebook Group & Blog – storytellers can also announce/share events here

Northeast Storytelling – Online Storytelling – storytellers can also announce/share events here

Virtual Storytelling ShowsFacebook Group, postings every day, works great for last-minute need for a show

Nick Baskerville’s Blog – includes posts by month of virtual storytelling

Bill Harley with regular Facebook Live Events

Laura Packer with regular Facebook Live Events and on Patreon

Priscilla Howe through Zoom, see listing of online performances

What if I want to donate and/or apply to the Storyteller Relief Fund due to COVID-19?

Go directly to the Storyteller Relief Fund on the National Storytelling Network website.

Another way is to go to the homepage of the National Storytelling Network. The top of the home page says “Make a donation.”  You put in an amount and then you will see this a little bit down:

Contribution to Storyteller Relief Fund