15 Featured Tellers

Celebrate the folk and fine art of storytelling on a worldwide level.  Take the path of story music.  Shake to the style of story dance.  Immerse in the drama of story theatre. See story in all its forms.  You are at the crossroads.  Join us.

Discover below who we are bringing out for the 2021 Festival.

2021 Featured Tellers

Click on each name to learn more about the specialty story skills.


zalka csenge virag 1921 MO (1)

Csenge Zalka from Hungary


Bruce Walker

Bruce Walker from Alabama


Cherie Davis

Cherie Davis from Utah, Italian Connections


2021 Story Artists

Click on each name or group to learn more about their specialty story skills.


Harvest Home (Annie&Dan Eastmond) - wide
Annie & Dan Eastmond – Harvest Home
Bradley Mackay-widescreen
Bradley Mackay
Charlotte Starks - pic - wide
Charlotte Starks
Dale Boam-widescreen
Dale Boam
Ginger Parkinson (1)
Ginger Parkinson
Julie Barnson
Julie Barnson
Mikaela Hansen - performing - widescreen
Mikaela Hansen
Richard Hatch--2012
Richard Hatch
Stephen Gashler--2015--widescreen
Stephen Gashler
Suzanne Hudson
Suzanne Hudson
Yvonne Healy

If you are interested in being considered as one of our featured tellers or cultural story artists, then please complete the following application online by clicking here.