Story Blasting – May 5 & 8, 2021

Story Blasting imageLiving next door to each other does not mean you know your neighbors.  You might guess some things from what you see or hear…but otherwise, neighbors can be full of mystery.  Then it sounds like you need to do some Story Blasting.

What is Story Blasting?  Story Blasting is a bunch of people telling 1-3-minute stories from door-to-door in the neighborhood after fliers were delivered ahead of time so neighbors expect these stories.  The fliers also invite neighbors to share their own 1-3-minute stories after listening to the stories.

When is the next Story Blasting?  Glad you asked.  We will story blast on Wednesday, May 5, 2021 meeting at the Heritage Park (10778 S. Redwood Rd., South Jordan, UT) as well as on Saturday, May 8, 2021 meeting at the Murray City Park (495 East 5300 South, Murray, UT).  We meet before splitting into partners or small groups and sharing stories in the South Jordan and Murray neighborhoods. 

What is the reason?   It will be a fun way to spread the word about Story Crossroads while getting to know our neighbors better.  The reason we do it on May 5 and May 8 is to let people know that the 5th Annual Story Crossroads Festival kicks off May 12, 2021 (with free performances May 10-13, 2021).

7 Key Elements of Successful Story Blasting:

  1. About one to two days before Story Blasting, put out fliers to let people know the range of time that people will be telling stories.  Make it clear that this is a random act of art.  This could be coupled with a marketing strategy for an event but stay away from selling anything.  This is more about the storytelling than anything else.
  2. Gather all participating storytellers (also known as “story blasters”) at one place with some refreshments and bottled water.  Have a “rah-rah” feel and do a story cheer or something inspiring.
  3. Always have a buddy when telling stories from door-to-door.  This is a safety precaution.  Though, by going as buddies, you could rotate who tells.  This saves the voice, especially as the outdoors is involved.
  4. Award the tellers in some way.  If any funding is available, then perhaps have special Story Blasting T-shirts made and given to all participating storytellers.  The image on the T-Shirts could also be a logo connected to a local storytelling group or event.  Maybe a restaurant would give some gift cards.  Sometimes grants are available, especially if considered a random act of art.
  5. Invite the neighbors to share a story after hearing a 1-2-minute story from the roaming storytellers.  Ask permission (if an adult, cannot for minors) if you could take their picture holding a sign “I have a story.” or “I story blasted today!” and post online.
  6. Track the number of stories told by the story blasters as well as any community members. Take note of the addresses where there was a story blast moment.  Send a thank you for participating within a week of the story blasting event.
  7. Gather again all the story blasters to celebrate later that same day of story blasting.  Share experiences in a story swap kind of way.

Feel free to email with your interest in Story Blasting as a program or for you to participate in as an individual or group.