Story Artists – Meadowlark String Band Storytellers

Specialty:  Story Musicians & Audience Interactions

Missy & Roz Diagonal pull with scarf

photo credit: Sharah Yaddaw

  • Wednesday, May 15th, 11:30am session at Murray City Park, part of Festival fee

The Meadowlark String Band Storytellers weave words, warbles song and delights creatures of all ages with their stories and music. Bringing together their collective experiences as performers and life enthusiasts, Melissa Chilinski and Roz Newmark thoroughly enjoy sharing the marvel of spinning yarns. Melissa has been an active musician for a decade, impressing audiences with her abilities on guitar, banjor, and vocals. For over twenty years, Roz performed as a storyteller with Ripple Tales, a duo who blended story, movement, song and audience participation.  Now, building a new tradition, the Meadowlark String Band Storytellers will lay down the bread crumbs that can lead you back to your childlike wonder of life. If you’re afraid a smile might crack your face, it is strongly advised that you do not venture into their world of melodies and magic.