Story Artist – Suzanne Decaria

Specialty:  Story Poetry & Original Works

Suzanne Decaria

When you can experience Suzanne Decaria:

  • Wednesday, May 15th, 1:00pm-1:30pm, Mountain View Elementary School, 1380 Navajo St., Salt Lake City, UT  84104, FREE but must sign in at school office

Suzanne Decaria was born with music and stories in her genes, growing up with a grandfather who shared humorous songs, stories, and poems and parents who sang and read to her nightly. As an educator and professional storyteller, she combines her love of story and her passion for the arts to promote literacy and enhance learning for adults and children. She has performed at schools, festivals, and conferences throughout the state for the past seven years. She is also a substitute teacher and education workshop presenter. She supports youth storytelling by creating and running after-school storytelling clubs and training other local teachers.

Suzanne loves creating her own stories, songs, and poems to capture the humor in everyday situations and give beloved classics a fun twist. She has studied French, Spanish, and American Sign Language and enjoys incorporating different languages and cultures into her stories. She also loves using puppets, dolls, musical instruments, and fun props to enhance entertainment and education and increase audience participation.