Story Artist – Steffani Raff

Specialty: Original Fairy Tales, Moral-Based Stories

Steffani Raff’s stories surprise with unexpected humor, heart, and wisdom. Her voice is captivating and the images she paints with words will immerse you into whatever story she tells. Steffani’s warmth and genuine delight for people encompasses each audience to create a unique and memorable experience. Steffani has performed and taught storytelling in a variety of settings since 1997. Her innovative ideas, interactive teaching style and sense of humor make her an excellent facilitator. A natural teacher and mentor, people leave her workshops feeling energized and empowered. Steffani’s first book, “The Ravenous Gown: And 14 More Tales about Real Beauty” won a Storytelling World Award in 2016. The Deseret News called Steffani’s stories, “clever, humorous, thought-provoking tales.” Her latest project JOT (Journal of Thoughts and How to Find Them) is a beautifully designed hardcover journal with a unique built in system that allows you to keep track of everything you write.