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Featured Teller-Oba William King

Specialty:  Story Poet with West African Rhythm and Rhyme

When you can experience Oba William King:

Oba William King ignites audiences with his ability to capture their attention and gently release them into the playful realm of rhythm and rhyme. He masterfully combines professional theatrical training with a distinct poetic style. Oba is an entertaining educator sharing the traditional art form, as if it were a sacred gift.  Known as The Poetic Storyteller; Oba’s most significant influence in the art of storytelling came as a result of his sojourn to Benin, West Africa (in the villages of Apolydaho, Sedgae’ and Dakota), resulting in solo performances to share and celebrate his original Anthem “I Love My People”. Following the Africa visit Oba wrote, produced and directed; “The Courtroom” HIV / AIDS awareness prevention in one act. Oba is currently pursuing opportunities to produce ongoing Storytelling workshops, collaborations and presentations for a new circuit of MidWest Venues.  Oba is an Illinois Arts Council Fellowship Award Recipient in Traditional Folk Arts, Jewel/Osco Hidden Jewel of The Neighborhood. Oba is a featured artist through Center Stage for WTTW television in Chicago; the Bermuda State Library; PBS radio station WBEZ FM program “So Many Ways To Tell A Story;” The Bronzeville Children’s Museum, the DuSable Museum, Chicago Public Schools Early Childhood Education, and The Sun Foundation’s Arts and Science in the Woods.

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