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Recordings from live House Concerts

Enjoyed or missed the live house concert? Receive ability to watch recording for up to two weeks from launch date…with closed captioning.

Experience through our YouTube unlisted link emailed to you. These dates vary from story artist to story artist. See below. Early ordering gives more time to view or to re-watch before the link “disappears.”

If you donated $15+ at a live house concert, you will also receive the unlisted YouTube link of that particular house concert.

See below what you can order so far:

Dale Boam with “Have I Told You This?”

Recordings in “The Vault” to be released with other Recordings several months down:

Kristen Clay with “From Underdogs to Champions”

Nannette Watts with “A Drop of English Blood”

Bradley Mackay with “The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep”

“Ode to Story” with Katherine and David Hurley and featuring Karl Behling

“Have I Told You This?”

Available to view through Unlisted YouTube link from now to June 14, 2021

Link taken down by June 14, 2021 Midnight Mountain Time

Stories get better with the telling. A tale you think you’ve heard before may have grown to reach a place where old tales become new. Enjoy the tales told by Dale Boam who has a varied resume as he is a liar, lawyer, tenured languages professor, certified ASL Interpreter, and voice-over actor.  He would call himself a Renaissance Man, but he can’t do math.  For Utah’s Biggest Liar, he has placed in the top three for three years in a row (third is in the top three) so he says he has won (their rules, not his). He loves to share the adventures of growing up with a grandfather who was a large animal veterinarian, a gentleman farmer and not tied to the idea of personal safety. 

This was all first-rate! It was super interesting and very uplifting promise something that I think we all need these days.

— Elizabeth Gibson, about Kristen Clay’s performance

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