Story Artists-Omar & Lori Hansen

Specialty: Story Theatre Tandem or Solo Telling

Omar and Lori Hansen

Omar and Lori Hansen have been storytellers professionally for 20+ years. As a tandem team, they have told at the National Storytelling Festival as Exchange place tellers, at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, the Forest Storytelling Festival, the Weber State University Storytelling Festival, and the Cache Valley Storytelling Festivals as Regional Tellers. They have also been featured as National Tellers around the nation.  Both Omar and Lori have taught storytelling at the college level at BYU-Idaho. Omar has taught all aspects of theatre, and Lori has directed the Children’s Theatre productions for at least 15 years. They do humorous tandem telling, as well as solo telling. Omar is the main writer for the tandem work they do. Lori has toured a one-woman storytelling show for which she received a grant from the Idaho Arts Commission and the National Storytelling Network.