Story Artist-Nino Reyos

Specialty:  Native American Flute Playing & Story Music

Nino Reyos

Nino Reyos is a member of the Northern Ute and Laguna Pueblo Indian Nations. He was born the youngest of 11 children, among the Ute People in North Eastern Utah near Ft. Duchesne, Utah where he had spent the majority of his adolescent life. Nino holds a Master’s degree in Social Work, the only member of his family to receive a degree of higher education. He is also a Native American Veteran, having received an Honorable discharge from the United States Marine Corp. Nino is a Northern Traditional Dancer, carrying on the Tradition of the warrior, wearing the eagle bustles of past days.

Nino is also a cultural presenter, educating and entertaining audiences of all ages. He has overcome his battle of alcohol and drug use and been on his road of sobriety since 1985 and has taught Native Culture and Philosophies with seminars on cultural aspects of living, substance abuse/prevention, musical healing. He has used his cultural background as a foundation for his teaching of indigenous craft, dance, stories, and music conducting workshops in the areas of flute playing, and influencing people of both indigenous and non-indigenous cultures.

Nino has performed throughout the United States, including the well-known Indian Summer gathering in Milwaukee, Wi, as well as with musicians such as Douglas Spottedeagle, Bill Miller, R. Carlos Nakai, Jim Bilagody.  Nino was one of five flute players selected to be part of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies held in Salt Lake City, Utah and also performed at the 2007 Deaflympics Opening Ceremonies. His third CD was released in the spring of 2004, won a International Telly award, and received a Native American Music Award Nomination. He is currently a Voting Member of the Grammy Awards.