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House Concert Series

Take part in this house concert series to expand your experience as a person who loves the creative arts. Story Crossroads provides the professional storyteller who then performs at your house concert with superb delivery and flair.

Ginger Parkinson

Friday, July 15, 2022, 7-8pm

Theme: Love & Family

Ginger Parkinson is a spunky, energetic storyteller and coach. She has spun her magic at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, Weber State Storytelling Festival, Thanksgiving Point, Red Butte Gardens, City Creek Center, Traverse Mountain Outlets, school and libraries across the Western United States.

Location: Hedman Home in West Jordan, Utah – OUTSIDE, exact address given upon registration


Email or call/text Rachel Hedman at (801) 870-5799

Like to be a House Concert Host?

Then email or call/text Rachel Hedman at (801) 870-5799.

Like to perform for an hour of specialty and polished story material at a House Concert?

Then email and share your proposed idea and your qualifications.

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