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House Concert Series

Take part in this house concert series to expand your experience as a person who loves the creative arts. Story Crossroads provides the professional storyteller who then performs at your house concert with superb delivery and flair.

Jan C. Smith & Cassie Ashton

Thursday, March 24, 2022, 7-8pm

Theme: “Women of the Mormon Battalion – those who walked and waited”

Dress warm for a cool spring night as you discover stories not usually told with the Mormon Battalion. To understand the background, click here.

Location: Hedman Home in West Jordan, Utah – OUTSIDE, exact address given upon registration


Email or call/text Rachel Hedman at (801) 870-5799

Like to be a House Concert Host?

Then email or call/text Rachel Hedman at (801) 870-5799.

Like to perform for an hour of specialty and polished story material at a House Concert?

Then email and share your proposed idea and your qualifications.

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