Story Artists-Harvest Home-Annie & Dan Eastmond

Specialty: Tandem Story Musicians


When you can experience Annie and Dan Eastmond:

  • Wednesday, May 13th, 2020, one of the Morning Sessions at Murray City Park, part of Festival fee
  • Wednesday, May 13th, 2020, Afternoon at Salt Lake County school, FREE, must check in at office

Harvest Home, also known as Annie and Dan Eastmond, are hybrids as part musicians and part storytellers. Between them, they play six instruments -guitar, fiddle, concertina, mandolin, banjo, and tinwhistle — and tell stories together and separately. They regularly perform for Heart & Soul and at music and storytelling festivals in the intermountain west.  Annie loves telling stories, and even being a children’s librarian for Salt Lake County (sharing lots of stories) isn’t enough for her. Dan is a bow-tie wearing college administrator by day, but put a guitar, fiddle, or banjo in his hand and he will break into story and song.