Tickets & Group Reservations

The 5th Annual Story Crossroads Festival is on Wednesday, May 13, 2020.  For the morning, we are at the Murray City Park (495 East 5300 South, Murray, UT). For the evening, we are at the South Jordan Community Center/Heritage Park. The parking is between the Center and Park (10778 S. Redwood Rd., South Jordan, UT).

Go to the Story Crossroads online store and be able to add to your cart both types of tickets for student/senior and adult.

You can also order the student/senior or adult tickets separately as seen here.  Plus, there is a Early Bird Classroom until April 1, 2020 rate of $25/Class no matter the size of the class or how many chaperones.

$5.00/adult ticket, click here to order

$1.00/student or senior ticket, click here to order

$25.00/Class Early Bird rate until April 1, 2020, click here to order

The Story Crossroads Festival loves having high-quality storytelling available at affordable rates for individuals and families alike.  Children aged four and under and not students do not need a ticket to attend.  However, parents need to be aware of their children’s listening sophistication.  Anyone attending is expected to have audience courtesy.

Each ticket is good for one person to attend a portion or the entire 2020 Story Crossroads Festival held on Wednesday, May 13.  Your printed e-receipt can count as admittance or you can verify your purchase with Will Call during the 2020 Story Crossroads Festival itself. Any questions or comments can be directed to or call Rachel Hedman at (801) 870-5799.

Field Trip Details

Interested in being in the queue to be considered for field trips?

You can do so in one of two ways:

  • Complete this online form on basic information (preferred)
  • Email with the following basic information: name of group, grade(s) or age(s) of attendees, number of proposed attendees, contact information of whoever is coordinating the field trip, and any preferences (if any)

Frequently Asked Questions–Field Trips

What counts as a group to qualify for the reduced prices?

A group is of 10 people of more of any age.  Though, we do not charge for anyone aged 4 or under.

Are there any benefits for the attendees of the field trip besides the time at the Festival?  What do you mean by interactive/hands-on sessions available at the Festival?

For any student tickets ordered by a school or group as a field trip, then the attending student will receive a special program that, when returned, can admit that student’s family into the Festival for free up to six people (including the student).  Any accompanying teachers or parents on these field trips also receive the student pricing.

You will need to have at least one sit-down storytelling session before an interactive session becomes available to you. These interactive sessions involve at least four different stations where have kinetic and learning experiences with story. For example, we will have a Mountain Man petting zoo, the Art Truck with the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Story Walk, and The Story Circle (adaptable storytelling games depending on ages).  You can ask more by emailing

How are these field trip requests reviewed?  When can I expect a response?

We fill the pavilions on a first-come first-serve basis and the time stamp on the online form submission or the date and time on the email will  determine the order to review the request.  The last few years we have filled to capacity for our field trips/large groups. A follow-up email will be sent to you from

What are the benefits for the field trip attendees besides assigned time at the Festival?

For any student tickets ordered by a school or group as a field trip, then the attending student will receive a special program–known as our “mini” program or the “Golden Ticket” program, that when returned, can admit that student’s family into the Festival for free up to six people (including the student).  Any accompanying teachers or parents on these field trips also receive the student pricing.

How many can you fit in a room/session?

We can fit at least 200 people in each of the three pavilions at the Murray City Park in Murray, UT.  For the late afternoon activities/evening concerts, we are at a different location–the South Jordan Community Center as well as the Heritage Park in South Jordan, UT.  The Center and the Park share the same parking.  The Center’s ballroom can fit 300+ people.

What ages/grades are best for this Festival?

Anyone from Kindergarten to senior citizens will enjoy this Festival.  The material shared on stage is family-friendly.  We do have three pavilions running simultaneously with at least one pavilion dedicated to elementary and family audiences and one pavilion dedicated to middle school to adult audiences.  The third pavilion could be either for elementary or for middle school depending on the requests.

Even though it is $1.00 per person and the shuttling, we cannot afford to go.  What then?

There are one of two options then.  This is an annual festival and you could be ready for the 2020 Festival and work out the budget for the tickets and shuttling.  Otherwise, we can put you on a waiting list to be considered as one of our outreaches/performances where a story artist comes to you.

Who is telling for the __________ (9:30am, 10:30am, 11:30am, etc.) session(s)?  Who do you recommend?

The schedule will be found online and usually is up by each January.  At that time, you can click on the artist names and learn about their specialties and bios as they become listed.  For example, we have several story artists that combine story with other arts such as music, dance, visual arts, theatre, and magic.  We also indicate any bilingual story artists and which language or languages to be featured.  All of the professional story artists are of high caliber and had to go through a rigorous review by our Story Training & Telling Committee with Story Crossroads.

Who funds this event?

Funding has come from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Utah Division of Arts and Museums, the Utah Humanities, the Western States Arts Federation, the Nubian Storytellers of Utah Leadership, the South Jordan Arts Council, the Zoo, Arts & Parks (ZAP), the Salt Lake City Arts Council, and 80+ individuals and organizational donors.  Finally, we have many feed-in festivals for this event with community tellers (youth, adults, and seniors) from Murray Storytelling Showcase, Jordan School District Storytelling Festival, Canyons School District Storytelling Festival, the Clearfield Storytelling Festival, the Clinton Storytelling Festival, Old Capitol Storytelling Festival, and American Prep Academy Speech Festival.

How do we donate?

Donations are always welcome though not required.  You can donate through the Story Crossroads Online Store here:  You can also go to from the homepage or click on “Donate” as one of the tabs.  There will also be a donation box at the festival.

What time should we arrive for our session(s)?

We recommend that your group arrives at least 15-20 minutes before the session starts so as to get in your seats without being rushed.

Any other questions–

Connect with Rachel Hedman, the Story Crossroads Festival Director by emailing or call/text her at (801) 870-5799.