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Annual Summit & Festival

We are ready for 2023…even in 2022. Go ahead and register today.

We have a short video below to show some memories and experiences from our recent Summit & Festival from May 9-12, 2022 (with viewing to June 15, 2022).

This year’s summit and festival is called “The Hybrid” because you can attend workshops and concerts in person, online, or both.

TAHIRA (DE), Norm Brecke (OR), Julie Barnson, Alan Griffin, Ginger Parkinson, Nannette Watts, Stephen Gashler, Lynn Wing, Cherie Davis, Carol Esterreicher, Clive Romney, George McEwan, John Adams, Annie & Dan Eastmond, Charlotte Starks

Summit & Festival Ticket Prices*
Ticket TypeEarly Bird Price
(Before May 1, 2023)
Standard Price
Homeschool group$5$10

*Tickets may be used for in-person and/or virtual attendance.

Virtual Field Trip

Whether you’re involved with a school, homeschool or another organization such as a senior center, you can signup for a virtual field trip. Public and private schools as well as homeschool.

In-Person Field Trip

If you are in the Salt Lake County, Utah area, then you can come to our in-person days on Monday and Tuesday, May 9-10, 2022. You fill out the same registration as virtual field trips though indicate your intention to come and have seats ready.

General Schedule

Will be up by March 2023…or sooner

Thanks to funding from National Endowment for the Arts; National Endowment for the Humanities; Western States Arts Federation; Utah Division of Arts and Museums/Utah Legislature; Utah Humanities; Youth, Educators, Storytellers (YES); City of Murray; Zoo, Arts & Parks (ZAP) of Salt Lake County; Salt Lake City Arts Council; Clever Octopus; Ashton Family Foundation; High Desert Brain Trust; and people like you.
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