Featured Teller – Bruce Walker

Bruce Walker started life facing adversity. As an 8-month old child, he was rushed to the local hospital and there pronounced dead. While lying in the morgue, his mother insisted they try to revive him one more time, it worked (obviously), the Dr. said, “don’t get excited, without oxygen this long, he will be brain-damaged”, Bruce says, “I’ll let you be the judge of that”. When Bruce weaves his stories his optimism and enthusiasm ripples across the audience-all delivered with a comedic flair.

Coming off the stage at Panoply Art Festival, an older gentleman grabbed his hand and shook it vigorously and said, “Your stories give me hope”. In Tysford, Norway while the winds whipped at 60 mph and 20 below 0, scientists gathered around a roaring fire at a scientific outpost inside the Arctic Circle, friendships were made and understanding flowed as a southern storyteller and Norwegian scientists made connections. Bruce simply enjoys what He does.

With over 500 storytelling events under his belt, Bruce delivers an entertaining mix of stories, conversation and laughter. Bruce has appeared on Alabama Public Radio, Georgia Public Radio, National Biblical Storytellers Convention, Storytelling Network National Convention , University of Alabama, Mountain Medicine Radio Show to name a few. Grammy Reviewed, Award winning CD – (National Parenting Magazines Association)“Good for Your Soul” available: Amazon.Com, I-Tunes and independent bookstores.

Attended: Auburn University at Montgomery-‘75, Graduate of  East TN State Univ.-Storytelling institute -’08.