Story Artist-Elaine Muray

Specialty: Story Dance

Elaine Muray (1)

The pivotal point in Elaine Murray’s journey was when she went to see her first show of Washington D.C.’s then Stanislavsky Theater.  She was blown away by the highly physical performance of Paata Tsikurishvili, a recent immigrant from the country of Georgia.  She was so inspired that she called Paata and asked if he could work with her.  A busy performer, he initially said no.  Patience paid off, when a couple years later, Elaine attended one of his children’s productions.  There, she saw what master classes with Paata were being offered.  She continues to work with Paata to this day.

In addition to performance, Elaine’s resume also includes 25 years of business experience and ESL instruction, which have provided her the opportunity to be of service across a wide spectrum of storytelling applications.

She has highly physical storytelling and often uses cloth, masks, movement, and magic in her work.  She was chosen as the only solo performer representing the Pacific Region at the All Regions concert of the National Storytelling Network.  She has also performed at the Australian Storytelling Festival, Northlands Storytelling Conference, Jemez Storytelling Festival, Two Chairs Telling (MN), Provincetown Playhouse (NYC), Boston Court Theater, National Theater (DC), and Dream On Productions Colombia tour (upcoming).