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2016 Featured Story Artists

50 Story Artists (bios in order of pictures seen on this page)

Celebrate the folk and fine art of storytelling on a worldwide level.  Take the path of story music.  Shake to the style of story dance.  Immerse in the drama of story theatre. See story in all its forms.  You are at the crossroads.  Join us.

2016 Featured Tellers

Click on each name to learn more about his specialty story skills.

Christopher Agostino

Joseph Sobol

Baba Jamal Koram


2016 Story Artists

Click on each name or group to learn more about their specialty story skills.

Carol Esterreicher
Cherie Davis
Chris Dokos Greek Band
Clive Romney
David Bullock
Dustin Loehr
Elaine Muray
George McEwan
Ginger Parkinson
Glastonbury Duo-David & Carol Sharp
Grupo de Danza Nuevas Raices
Holly Robison
Janine Nishiguchi
Joan Effiong
Julie Barnson
Julius Chavez
Karl Behling
Lynn Wing
Mark Gollaher
Nannette Watts
Nino Reyos
Paul Boruff
Richard Hatch
Sam Payne
Stephen Gashler
Suzanne Hudson
Tausala Performing Arts
Wendy Gourley

If you are interested in being considered as one of our featured tellers or cultural story artists, then please complete the following application online by clicking here.

Any application received at this point will be reviewed for the April 2017 Festival for Story Crossroads.

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