Community Members

8455071459_f41fafe543_bYou are part of a community and now is your time to make a wonderful community even more wonderful.

Consider if you are a listener or a storyteller…or both.

Enjoy a free booklet (with cartoons) created by Greg Draper and edited by Rachel Hedman.  Click for Storytelling Basics–booklet with cartoons.

Listener’s Experience

Someone said this event had storytelling in it, and you thought of a family gathering on the front porch telling stories.  You enter the Viridian Events Center’s ballroom and realize this is not the image you expected.  Your eyes are drawn to the microphone as trained community tellers to professional cultural performers share stories that make you laugh, cry, and applaud.  You hear more than one language on stage. Storytelling is perfect for any age and culture.

Teller’s Story

You heard that you could be trained by certified story-teachers to be a masterful storyteller and share the stage with those who make a living expressing stories through words, dance, music, and visual art.  Now the audience applauds your story; you never want to get off that stage.

Email us at on what role you want to play:  listener or teller.  Oftentimes, this means you want to be more involved and join our volunteer team to spread the word of this opportunity.

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