Review Links of A to Z Blog Challenges

Each April we participate in the A to Z Blog Challenge, a worldwide phenomenon.  To make it easy to see the links connected to these Challenges, we have included an archive of them below.  Feel free to share and to comment.

So far we have listings for Year 2017, 2016 as well as Year 2015 below. Jump to our first Challenge with the 2015 posts by clicking here. 

A to Z Blog Challenge Survivor - 2017Year 2017

Theme:  Symbols within Stories from Around the World

A = Apple
B = Bread
C = Crossroads
D = Directional Orientations (North, South, East, West)
E = Elephant
F = Fire
G = Goat
H = Horse
I = Iron
J = Jewels (Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds)Jewels (Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds)
K = Knife
L = Lightning & Thunderbolts
M = Moon
N = Numbers
O = Oil
P = Pig
Q = Queen
R = Raven
S = Sun & Stars
T = Tree of Life
U = Underworld
V = Vulture
W = Water
X = Xi-wang-mu
Y = Yellow…and Other Colors
Z = Zodiac



survivor-atoz [2016] v2Year 2016

Theme:  Storytelling in all its forms in style, culture, language, and in combination of arts

A = Authentic Aura
B = Bilingual Bond
C = Celtic Culture, Guest Writer David Sharp
D = Draw n’ Tell
E = Edutainment
F = Fold n’ Cut
G = Ghosts, Goblins, & Goo, Guest Writer Julie Barnson
H = Habitat-Inspired
I = Illuminating the Illusions, Guest Writer Kim Walkowski
J = Juggling while Jibber-Jabbering
K = Kinetics & Kinesthetics
L = Lies, Lies, Lies, Guest Writer George McEwan
M = Music & Melodies
N = Native-Narrator
O = Outsider-Orator
P = Puppetry Perfection, Guest Writer Amy White
Q = Quantified Quandaries
R = Rhythm, Rhyme & Reverberation
S = Skilled Stagecrafting for Story Theatre
T = Tandem Telling
U = Unanimous Undertakings (or thereabouts)
V = Visual Visions
W = Written Word War
X = Xaern
Y = Yodeling & Yammering, Guest Writer Rene’ Sheets
Z = Zero to Zillion

Reflection:  This was harder and easier than when we did the 2015 A to Z Blog Challenge.  Our inaugural year of the Story Crossroads Festival was April 15-16, 2016 and so it was even more intense than usual.  Yet, even with that added pressure, we had wonderful guest writers who brought amazing insights.

You are here.

Year 2015survivor-a-z-blog-challenge

Theme:  Guidance to the art of storytelling and that topic’s relation to the role of Story Crossroads

A = Art Advocacy
B = Bilingual Bridges
C = Culture Connections
D = Dreaming and Doing
E = Embracing Education
F = Fueling Finances & Filming
G = Generational Gains
H = Headlines and Headliners
I = Inviting Ingenuity & Ideas
J = Joint Journeys
K = Keen Kinetics
L = Leadership Lessons
M = Middle-Aged Memories
N = Neighbors Needing Neighbors
O = Oratories of Older Ones
P = Power of Playfulness
Q = Quantifiable Quality
R = Remembering, Recording, Re-Playing
S = School Support
T = Touring Through Tales
U = Unleashed Universality for Us
V = Volunteer Vitality
W = Worldwide Wonders
X = Xenodochium
Y = Yes to Youth
Z = Zeal, Zest, and Zing

Click here for the reflections after the 2015 A to Z Blog Challenge.