Adults & Seniors

You have lived a life that must be shared with all generations.  Your stories matter and we believe in preserving your stories so that they linger long after your time here.

You can choose to prepare a story for our stage or you can opt for someone to interview you and develop that piece on your behalf.  Discover how you can record these stories as they develop.

Find out what senior centers will hold these free 8-hour storytelling workshops by emailing or call Rachel Hedman at (801) 870-5799.  There will be also be other locations in the Salt Lake County area of Utah that will host storytelling workshops that you can attend.  Or you can click on this link for that listing of free 8-hour workshops.

Choose now how you will be remembered.

Beyond Story Crossroads, these sources for seniors are recommended:

  • Emberall, this organization has a free video app that can help people record a story in an interview format, a telling of a family story, or even an original or folklore piece.
  • Stagebridge, this organization provides intense training called Time Slips that helps bring out stories with people who have Alzheimer’s Disease or any other mentally-connected conditions.  This is also an organization with the nation’s oldest and renown theatre company of older adults.