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Story Camp


Youth get to craft a story of their choosing – from folktales to original to personal stories.


Youth get to “play” with the story and look at stories in another perspective. Re-thinking is what a storyteller does all the time.


Youth get to practice and perform and work through the stumbles and stutters. Stage presence and delivery top off the experience.

Youth aged 8-17 can participate in one of two kinds of Story Camps.

The costs associated with this are covered thanks to the generous funding of the Salt Lake City Arts Council as well as the Zoo, Arts & the Parks of Salt Lake County.

Since 2008, Cherie Davis and Ginger Parkinson have been Master Story Facilitators for youth, specifically Story Camps.

Youth have stories.

Give them the chance to tell.

Feel free to reach out with questions or comments at or use the texting service on the lower right of this webpage.

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