Find Lesson Plans & Approved Books for Teaching Story

Use of Lesson Plans

Youth, adults, and seniors will learn storytelling through lesson plans either shared by master story facilitators or by people using approved lesson plans.

Free Lesson Plans

These following six 1-hour lesson plans were created by the following professional story artists:  Lynn Wing, Karl Behling, and Janine Nishiguchi.  An ideal storytelling residency lasts 8 or more hours.  These six hours plus two hours of people practicing stories and being coached would develop stage-ready individuals.  Please give these people credit when using these lesson plans or the sources cited.

Module One:  Finding Your Story

Module One-Finding Your Story, Lesson One-Finding Existing Stories

Module One-Finding Your Story, Lesson Two-Finding Personal Stories

Module Two:  The Teller–Role, Habits, Skills

Module Two-The Teller, Lesson One-Preparation

Module Two-The Teller, Lesson Two-Responsibilities

Module Three:  Polished Performance

Module Three-Polished Performance, Lesson One-Body & Voice

Module Three-Polished Performance, Lesson Two-Imagination & Adaptability

Approved Books for Lesson Plans

Using any of these books already have been reviewed and approved for Story Crossroads storytelling residencies:

  • Youth Tell: Starting a Youth Storytelling Festival by Nannette Watts
  • Raising Voices: Creating Youth Storytelling Groups and Troupes by Judy Sima and Kevin Cordi

Both of these books are easily applicable to any age or group who wants to learn the art of storytelling.  Email if you would like help ordering any of these books.

Once you own either Youth Tell or Raising Voices, then the following are recommended supplemental books:

  • 101 Games That Teach Storytelling Skills by Anthony Burcher
  • Teaching with Story:  Classroom Connections to Storytelling by Margaret Read MacDonald, Jennifer MacDonald Whitman, and Nathaniel Forrest Whitman
  • The Storytelling Classroom:  Applications Across the Curriculum by Sherry Norfolk, Jane Stenson, and Diane Williams
  • Social Studies in the Storytelling Classroom:  Exploring our Cultural Voices and Perspectives by Sherry Norfolk and Jane Stenson
  • The Storytelling Coach:  How to Listen, Praise, and Bring Out People’s Best by Doug Lipman
  • Show Me a Story:  40 Craft Project and Activities to Spark Children’s Storytelling by Emily K. Neuburger

Need Help Creating Own Lesson Plan?

You are willing to put in the time to create one or more story lesson plans.  Here is some guidance in creating lesson plans:

Enjoy a free booklet (with cartoons) created by Greg Draper and edited by Rachel Hedman.  Click for Storytelling Basics–booklet with cartoons.

Submitting Your Own Lesson Plans

Upon approval of your submitted 6-hour+ lesson plan/curriculum, you will be considered a qualified Master Story Facilitator through Story Crossroads. You may or may not teach your 6-hour+ lesson plan/curriculum as part of a residency. You do have the option of having others teach your curriculum for a licensing fee cost of your choosing (ranging from $25-$50).

The Story Training Committee has the right to pend approval if there are any adjustments, clarifications, or additions needed.

Click here fill out the online form for your lesson plan.

You can edit the form once submitted.  You can also write up the parts in a word processing program and copy and paste into the sections.

We accept lesson plan submissions year round.

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