Cap’s Off to You! – Susannah Brody (Posthumously) and Celebrating Story

Featuring: Susannah Brody

Avid Researcher; Quiltin’ Queen; History-Makin’ Storyteller

I got to meet Susannah Brody on February 12, 2022 as she was a special guest of Oni Lasana’s workshop on Paul Laurence Dunbar. Susannah had done research of many historical figures for 40+ years around southeastern Pennsylvania. The friendship between Oni and Susannah was far-reaching. Though, I have learned more about Susannah.

She was always volunteering her time. While she did help in many places, The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum had a treasured spot. You can go to the website, though all kinds of fun facts can be explored through the Facebook page. I scrolled through the postings and pictured Susannah enjoying them.

Susannah researched to such a degree that she published eight books. While several are out-of-print, I did find two of them available online: A History of Dowlin Forge as well as Remembering Chester County: Stories from Valley Forge to Coatesville.

She specialized performing historical pieces and portrayals of 19th century women such as Dr. Ann Preston and prominent industrialist Rebecca Lukens. I smiled when I came upon a Lukens Steel mug at The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum.

Besides performing and being involved in both storytelling and theater, she expressed stories through quilts. You can see some of these quilts on her page on Story Crossroads.

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You can see more details on Susannah Brody with the Story Artists Memorial.

Here is a video to enjoy her voice and words:

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I appreciate Susannah Brody. I am thankful that Oni Lasana introduced me to her as well as took the time to complete the Story Artists Memorial online form so she could be honored. I look forward to chatting more with Susannah on southeastern Pennsylvania and her great commitment to serving others after this time on Earth.

Susannah Brody still has a story. You have a story. We all have stories.

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