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V is for Voracious Vegetarian

We are pleased to participate in the A to Z Blog Challenge ( The Story Crossroads theme for this year is Dual Natures in Folktales Around the World – opposites, contradictions & paradoxes.


From Peru / Andes Mountains

So many wonderful foods in Peru – and most include meat. One of the most classic? Guinea Pig also known as Cuy. This meat is a delicacy that pre-dates the Incans. People could breed Guinea Pig faster and it was healthier overall.

However, here are two dishes without meat: Papas a la Huancaina (Potatoes in Spicy Cheese Sauce), Rocoto Relleno (Stuffed Spicy Peppers). And it was hard to find recipes without meat.

What is so fascinating? What dualities have surfaced?

Knowing how popular Guinea Pig meat is in Peru, I love seeing the Guinea Pig be the trickster. We see Raven or Rabbit as tricksters. We recently talked about the Terrapin/Turtle. When the usual-dish-on-the-table becomes the hero, tell me more!

Small size brings about big brains. Vegetarian fights off against Meat-Eater.

50-word-or-less summary:

Cuy holds up edge of rock. Invites Fox to hold sky to give break. Fox tires. Let’s go. Nothing. Rain of fire! Digs hole. Nothing. Cuy dresses as human. Helps in alfalfa fields. Eats at night. Sap-doll catches Cuy. Human ties Cuy to tree. Tricks Fox to be tied up.

Finding the Story: 

Book entitled “The Guinea Pig and the Fox” – found here

Online story of “The Fox and the Cunning Cuy (Guinea Pig)” – found here

Video of Rebecca Knudson sharing picture book of this story – found here

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