Cap’s Off to You!-Don L. Wade (Posthumously) and Celebrating Story

Featuring: Don L. Wade

Thought-Provoker, Intellectual Storyteller, Protector

Don L. Wade had a big heart – and still does – and blended his stories with the most fascinating details and facts. I saw him as an “intellectual storyteller” that engaged people of all ages, though especially those in middle school and older due to the deepness of the stories. I can see him now, standing up during one of the “Voices of the Valley” Storytelling Guild meetings in Fresno County, California. The light streaming in, shining off his long silver hair tied back in a pony tail, and glimmer in his eyes as he revealed bit by bit the story.

And it was from Don that I learned that a quarter of the world’s food comes from Fresno. And I share that fact to this day.

He had a matter-of-fact sound to his voice but always a delight in all that was shared. He was known for his wit – as none of us storytellers could compare.

While he immersed himself in facts, he was always open to a big lie. He often participated in the Clovis Big Liars Contest and was an obvious favorite. Who wouldn’t believe Don no matter how big the whopper? No matter the story, he was known for saying, “It’s as true today as it was yesterday.”

He chose to give to the very end. With his delight in Science and the discoveries to be made, he carries on that love even now. He was always a supporter of organ donation. I also learned that a tree will be planted in his memory in his backyard that had a special name: “Bees, Butterflies, and Birds” serenity garden.

Besides performance, you can see the long-lasting love with he and his wife when they made it to the “Golden Years” in this video.

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I appreciate Don L. Wade with his attention to detail to all those around him. He was uncanny in determining the needs of family, neighbors, and audiences. He will continue his insights beyond this time on earth.

Don still has a story. You have a story. We all have stories.

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4 thoughts on “Cap’s Off to You!-Don L. Wade (Posthumously) and Celebrating Story

  1. Don was a marvel. In a simple way, he reminded you that in the story was the discovery. On a small drive, you would discover the adventures from his life, reading and sense of humor. He loved learning and sharing what he learned. Each day I was with him, at a storytelling event, enjoying lunch, or just chatting, he gifted me with new information, idea, or untruth (He could stretch the truth is a great way.) He knew the value of helping others and helped me as I worked with story in the Central Valley. He will be dearly missed, never forgotten, and alway appreciated. Hats off to a good friend, teacher, and teller.

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