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V is for Vexing Viracocha – A to Z Blog Challenge

We are pleased to participate in the A to Z Blog Challenge ( The Story Crossroads theme for this year is Beating the Odds…Lucky Folktales Around the World to Brighten Your Day. Each post highlights that the stars aligned and what would have normally been…bad…turned out after all. Considering what we – as humankind – have experienced the past year, how nice is it to remember that all of us can “beat the odds” to some level in our lives.

And we’ll admit now…some are actually myths, legends, or epics rather than only limited to folktales. So is that a type of “loading the dice”? Ah, but the stories were too wonderful to pass by.


From Incas

The Incas took up most of the western part of South America. While they could invent and do many feats, they did not have a written language. We are lucky to know the stories we do. The emperor was seen as the descendent of the sun. Hopefully, the emperor gives credit to Viracocha.

What makes Viracocha dangerous?

Of all the Incan gods and goddesses, Viracocha is the god of gods. While he does not interfere too much in human’s lives, he is one not to turn angry. He could snap people out of existence. Though, he prefers to be benevolent.

50-words-or-less summary:

Viracocha created creatures before sun, moon, or stars. Creatures were too giant. Viarcocha made smaller. Creatures forgot Viracocha. Mad! Turned some to stone, drowned others. Last three beings re-created world. Forgotten again! Mad! Fire! People begged forgiveness. Viarcocha put out fire. Created special rocks people loved. Left in the sea.

Those people were lucky to be given chances by Viarcocha. Not all were lucky, but some were able to be part of that second world and enjoyed special stones. Interestingly, Viarcocha then left the people never to be seen again but promised a messenger while he walked into the seaspray. Thus, even the name “Viarcocha” means seaspray.

Finding the Story:

“Viarcocha’s People” in Myths and Legends of Incas by Daniele Kuss –

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