How to Best Use the Story Crossroads Discord Server – Part 3 of 5 – Voice Channels

This is the third of five parts on how to benefit the most from the Story Crossroads Discord Server. Discord is a platform that combines features of Facebook, Zoom, and many others in one place. Text, image, audio, and video communications are possible with a network of people of like-interests.


  • Part 1 – Getting Started – REVEALED
  • Part 2 – Text Channels – REVEALED
  • Part 3 – Voice Channels – TODAY
  • Part 4 – Adding Resources & Links
  • Part 5 – Scheduled & Random “Check-Ins”

If you prefer video approach and/or have these videos running while you glance below:

You can talk–with or without video–and even share screens and watch storytelling videos and such together.

Sounds a lot like Zoom? Yes, many of what you can do with Zoom can also be done in Discord.

You can have virtual storytelling guild meetings, places to share ideas on story-crafting or other adventures, as well as any number of networking opportunities.

While not the ideal place for performances such as through Zoom, Facebook Live, or YouTube, Discord still offers a great place to welcome anyone who simply wants to “chat” or “talk story.” People can chat for a few minutes or hours upon hours.

While Text Channels have the pound sign, Voice Channels have the megaphone you can see circled in red below. All server members with their handles are listed underneath the chosen Voice Channel as you can see with “storycrossroads.”

If at least two people are there, go ahead and chat. We don’t have to be there.

This image to the left shows “Voice Connected” when you are successful for jumping on the voice channel. The red arrow points to the phone image/”x” for how you leave or disconnect or “hang-up.” Clicking the microphone can mute/unmute while the headphones allows you to deafen/undeafen others through your computer.

By default, your microphone–assuming you have one built-in your device or connected–comes “on hot” or active. You can change it to only be on when you click an assigned button like the space bar. Though, I find it best to not worry about buttons. Simply use the mute/unmute option instead!

Setting Up Your Microphone and Video

By clicking on the gear button, you can make sure that your microphone and video work for Discord. Although you may have used your device for other voice-related platforms like Zoom, you still want to check and test while in Discord. Tech is funny that way.

This screen will then pop up and go to “Voice & Video” under “App Settings” in the left column.

Then, by clicking “Voice & Video,” you will see this “Voice Settings” screen:

Your input and output will be different. Do the mic test. Then scroll down on this same page until you see “Video Settings.” This is what it looks like:

Again, test the video.

If you have trouble with your video or seeing people who claim that their video is on, then click out of the video channel (disconnect/phone-“X” image) and then go back in. This will not be as reliable as Zoom but there is practicably no delay when speaking.

Here is what it is like when you are alone without video on (or at least storycrossroads):

The bottom “bar” has the usual camera image (turn on/off your camera), the computer with arrow image (share screen, includes files and/or video), the microphone (mute/unmute), and the red phone/”x” (disconnect/leave).

When others join in, here is what it could look like:

Three Voice Channels for Story Crossroads Discord Server:

For any of our three Voice Channels, keep it family-friendly. You can message a friend on the server like you would for Facebook Messenger and “meet” in any of these channels.


This can be any topic of storytelling…or even unrelated and needing to chat.


This is usually where our scheduled voice/video chats will take place. The main focus is having one person “take the floor” and share an idea for story-crafting or any other story-related ideas. Throughout our lives, we need to be there as a support. Join us on Mondays at 10pm MDT by using this direct Discord invite:


If people want to talk specifically about folktales and/or perform folktales, then this is the best voice channel. However, we will never have any formal performances on this Story Crossroads Discord Server.

What are you waiting for? Feel free to talk!

We may add more specific ones as time goes on. At least you have the basics…and the next blog post will be on voice channels. Only a couple…but some tips on how to troubleshoot and such.

Discord is best by laptop/computer though there is a free phone app. We have scheduled voice/video chats usually within “Voice Channels” and then “chat-about-stories” on Mondays at 10:00pm MDT. We will eventually have regular one during the daytime. Join us! Again, that invite link:

Find our E-Newsletter and Email List Sign-Ups on our website home page at the bottom, the archive page, etc.

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